• Information/ Advocacy Services
  • Tax Advice
  • Translation/ Interpreting services
  • Fast, professional and confidential service
  • Experienced translator and certified consultant in social issues will help you write a letter, such as
    the Department of Social Welfare
  • Telephone calls the Department of Social Welfare, such as child support case will help you fight for
    your rights (advocacy)
  • Application processing Medical Card, FIS (Family Income Supplement) , Child Benefit, Jobseeker’s benefit,/Allowance, Carer’s benefit/ Allowance, Contributory/ Non-contributory Pension BTWEA,BTSCFA and other benefits, as well as other benefits and form filling
  • Information on accessing free legal aid
  • Appeals Advocacy
  • Supplementary Welfare Payments
  • Social housing information and Housing Assistance Payment ( HAP)
  • Your rights in the event you lose your job- English conversation classes ( based in Drogheda)
  • “Jobs- club”- CV updates ; job availability, schemes , how to prepare for an interview etc.
  • Helping with Starting your own business- consultation, support and assistance
  • Help to return the portion of the tax
  • Income tax return preparation
  • PAYE refunds
  • Translation/Interpreting services.
  • Contractor services
  • Payroll